Medical Advisory Committee

The committee offers guidance and advice on clinical practice

Dr. Anthony Lawrence


Dr. Lawrence has been a health care practitioner for over 40 years, providing specialist services in both the public and private sector. Dr. Lawrence is currently a board member of the Monash Surgical Private Hospital and has served on boards including Monash IVF. Dr. Lawrence has had a close lived experience of addiction having been involved first hand with the damage untreated addiction can do to a family.
In his free time, Anthony enjoys travel and photography, some of which can be found on his Instagram account #drcamera.

Toby Lawrence

Toby first took an interest in addiction and recovery whilst studying his undergraduate degree in Behavioural Neuroscience. Through the personal experience with a loved family member, Toby understands the effects addiction can have not only on the individual but also on their family and friends.

Toby has spent the last 10 years managing and coaching some of Australia’s biggest companies and now draws on that experience to focus on providing hope and guidance to people with the disease of addiction, their family and friends.

Arrow Health Toby
Arrow Health David

Dr. David Lloyd

Dr. Lloyd is a specialist anaesthetist with over 40 years experience. Dr. Lloyd is currently the director of Monash Surgical Private Hospital and is Chairman of the board at MSPH and serves on their MAC. Dr Lloyd brings a unique set of skills to the board by having had experience both medically and administratively within hospital operations. In his spare time David has a special interest in fine Australian art and automobiles.

Dr. Mark Lawrence

People and families are what Mark is passionate about. Through his years of medical training and ongoing surgical and hospital appointments, Mark continuously focuses on patient care and the delivery of high quality medical outcomes for all. Mark’s interests include high performance cars, construction and collectible antique posters.

Dr Mark Lawrence - Medical Advisory Commitee | Arrow Health
Arrow Health Kristin

Kristin Shergold

Ms Shergold has been involved in dispute resolution for a number of years. She is passionate about individual rights and ensuring that all persons are treated equally and fairly. In her spare time, Kristin enjoys travelling around South-East Asia.