Heroin Addiction Effects

Heroin is an opioid and is also referred to as a ‘downer’. Its effects can vary depending on the individual but can be generalised through a sense of euphoria, disorientation, nausea, slowed heart rate and breathing.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the most common class of drug identified in toxicology reports in drug induced deaths are opioids. In 2016, the state of Victoria alone had 459 drug induced deaths.

The long term health effects of heroin use can be both mental and physical. Some long term effects include, but are not limited to – Intense sadness, zero sex drive, organ damage, difficulty have children and dependence on the drug.

It is crucial to recognise and acknowledge the effect of heroin addiction and seek treatment. Fortunately, you can overcome heroin addiction with facilities in Melbourne, Victoria.

Heroin Addiction Help and Treatment

Arrow Health, based in Melbourne, Victoria, take a clinical approach to heroin addiction treatment. Through strategically formulated programs influenced by international best-practice, we want to ensure that any individual struggling with addiction has facilities available to treat their illness with dignity and respect.

Not only do we provide a holistic approach to treating heroin addiction, we also carefully consider each part of the process. Our program includes education, group work and counselling services, supporting the individual to understand more about their addiction, themselves and effective strategies to reach recovery.

We take a collaborative approach when treating your illness. Arrow Health’s programs are family-inclusive (where possible) and highlight the importance of family in the recovery process, providing effective support for individuals and their families.

With an evidence-based program and a professional team with years of experience, we know that heroin addiction is treatable and recovery is possible.

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