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At Arrow Health we strive to help those in need of it. We have a strong team with an even stronger passion to help others. Founded in 2019 this family run treatment provider with a strong history helping people with addiction. Here you can find out more about our foundations and how it all began but you can also find out who is involved from our internal team to the advisory board and medical advisory committee.

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Get Help

Seeking help is one of the hardest stages when trying to recover from addiction. This section is used to help people find the help they need to recover from drug and alcohol abuse. We also cover how to handle situations when people we know or even loved ones are in need of help


Here are the details on our programmes designed to help people recover from drug addiction. We have a range of helping programmes with various ways of aid to help anyone find their way to sobriety.

Blog Posts

Full of interesting topics around drugs and the effects they have on people looking from all angles including, physiologically, sociologically, mentally and physically. Help understand the repercussions and consequences that come with drug taking and how to help people recover from their pasts.


Here we discuss important topics regarding addiction and seeking help from different sources. Whether that is trying to find the best facilities and clinics to help through rehab or to support others going through it. These articles are full of important information to help you and others around you.