Rehabilitation Centres Melbourne

We Are One of the Best Rehabilitation Centres in Melbourne

If you have already searched for rehabilitation centres in Melbourne, you might be a concerned family member, recognise a problem that needs addressing yourself, or you need to refer your patient for detox and recovery. See how we approach rehab and why it works.

What to Expect from Arrow Health Regarding How to Get Off Drugs

Addiction is a disease but a treatable one. For the best chance at recovery it’s important to find a detox, rehab and support program that works for you as an individual.

  • Detox: We offer medically supervised, residential detox and withdrawal services in a private hospital with a 24/7 nursing team, counselling services and a safe and supportive environment. For many people, a detox will be required before they can embark on their rehab journey.
  • Rehab: Our in-patient residential rehab centre is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Each patient has their own room and ensuite as well as 24-hour access to counsellors. The program includes psycho-educational programs and group therapy as well as yoga, swimming, and meditation.
  • After Care: Finishing rehab doesn’t mean your recovery journey stops! Our Aftercare program provides a way to continue receiving support and getting treatment even when your more intensive treatment is complete. The focus of After Care is on relapse prevention and includes weekly meetings, family groups, counselling and UDS (Urine Drug Screen) testing.
  • Outpatient: If taking yourself out of your everyday life to go into a residential treatment environment is not possible for you, our outpatient programs can still help you to get off drugs and stop drinking. We have counselling and recovery coaching available as well as a 2 week intensive outpatient addiction treatment program

From the picturesque, tranquil environment of our private hospital and rehab, to our understanding, family support and aftercare, we provide addicts with the best chance at recovery and leading a more fulfilling life.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Melbourne

When you go through something yourself, only then can you truly understand what another person facing the same challenge, has endured. Based on this principle, all our staff have either dealt with addiction themselves or that of a family member, allowing them to provide you with genuine care and understanding during rehab.

  • Holistic & Medically Supervised. Our treatment programs focus on the abstinence-based model rather than harm minimisation. Individualised treatment plans focus on physical, psychological and emotional well-being, and our program focus on all three of these aspects with group therapy, therapeutic physical activity and 24-hour access to our counsellors – all with the oversight of medical professionals
  • Family inclusion. We are family-operated and have first-hand experience in helping someone we love. Our approach to rehab is very much family-based. To this extent, we also offer free family support for family members of people suffering from addiction. It’s important for families to get the support they need, learn strategies to cope and develop an understanding of addiction in order to be able to best help the person you care about.
  • Costs laid out. We are upfront and clear about all costs involved in all our program, and we will discuss all costs with transparency and answer any questions you may have. Our refund policy is clearly set out, and we have no hidden costs.

Tips Regarding Rehabilitation Centres

There are a few alcohol rehabilitation centres in Victoria to choose from, and it can be overwhelming. Some key things to consider are: medical supervision, access to 24/7 support, claimable on private health insurance, family support, ongoing support, skills and experience of the team. The most important thing is to choose the rehab that is right for you – somewhere with an individualised approach that treats each client as their own unique person.

Contact us to find out more, discuss any concerns and to take a step towards recovery for yourself or someone you love.