Private Health Detox

Professional, Friendly, Trusted – A Detox Program You Can Claim on Your Private Health Insurance

If you are searching for a detox facility–claimable from your private health cover–to help your loved one through an exceptionally difficult time, come to Arrow Health for professional care and friendly faces. We support people struggling with addiction as well as supporting you, the family, because we understand that addiction affects entire families, not just individuals, and we are here to help all of you.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Private Health Detox

We focus on a holistic approach and address the physical effects of addiction through private health detox, utilising medication where required.

A few tips for getting the most you can from a detox:

  • Be open-minded: addiction is not just physical, we will support you to reflect on behaviours and patterns and help you begin to explore strategies for staying clean and sober
  • Be gentle: detox is a challenging process both mentally and physically, be patient with yourself and take the time you need
  • Let people support you: you are not alone in this, let your loved ones and the team at Arrow Health help you
  • Save money by talking to your private health insurance provider to see how they can assist with your detox program.

Why You Can Trust Arrow Health’s Private Health Detox

  • Our medical team is fully qualified and experienced in addiction treatment and utilises international best practices.
  • We employ a clinical approach to treating the psychological and mental health of clients and their families through proven therapeutic methodologies.
  • Our team offers a combined experience of more than thirty years in addiction care.
  • We can assist you in claiming your detoxification from your private health insurer.
  • Most of our counsellors and medical staff have lived the experience of addiction, either personally or with a loved one.

Contact us today to find out more about our programs or get your questions answered.

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