Our Story

We know how to help because we have been where you are.

Lawrence Family

Arrow Health is a family-owned addiction treatment provider that was founded by the Lawrence family in 2013 and expanded in 2019 to include an accredited private hospital to support people detoxing.

We are a close family of five. One of our sons, Sam, struggled with addiction for twelve years. It affected all of us and was an extremely hard time. Sadly, in May 2015, Sam passed away through causes unrelated to his drug use.

During Sam’s addiction, we were frustrated and constantly disappointed. The resources and services available to us were deficient. He was clean when he died and was passionate about recovery.

Drawing on this very personal experience and our medical background, we created a cutting-edge program for treating addiction. We created a service that provides the kind of effective and empathetic help we were unable to find for Sam and ourselves.

The Arrow Health program:

  • Leads the way in addiction treatment in Australia
  • Brings people together to save lives
  • Focusses on individuals and families suffering from the disease of addiction
Arrow Health Sam

Sam Lawrence