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Arrow Health: Inpatient & Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers in Melbourne Doctors Trust

Perhaps one of the most challenging situations a doctor has to deal with in their career is a patient who struggles with addiction. Though understanding and treatment of addiction has advanced immensely in recent decades, there remains a strong stigma associated with it in society. That’s not to mention the way many situations necessitate a delicate touch and a careful approach. When one of your patients’ battles with alcohol addiction, watching their struggles — and those of their family — is never easy. Depending on the severity of your patient’s addiction, a stay in one of the inpatient alcohol rehab centres in Melbourne may be the best course of action. An evidence-based, well developed, modern, and compassionate treatment program means that they can overcome their addiction. At Arrow Health, that belief forms the core of our approach to treatment.

We believe that by creating a safe and trigger-free environment combined with empathetic, proven alcohol rehab methods, we can offer a clear path for your patients towards recovery. Searching centres for a location which inspires enough confidence to make a referral for your patient doesn’t have to be difficult. With experience and a personal background in similar struggles, our team understands the difficulties you face in your practice when trying to refer someone to inpatient alcohol rehab in Melbourne. Take a minute to familiarise yourself with some of the key features of Arrow Health’s program.

Why make a referral to our inpatient alcohol rehab in Melbourne?

At times, the best way to accomplish a successful rehab course for alcohol is to remove the individual from the problematic environment. By placing them in an entirely drug-free atmosphere of kindness and support, Arrow Health’s facilities offer a chance for people to receive 24-hour support as they begin an abstinence-based program. There are many amenities and activities available on site, all focused on providing a clear and clean environment in which to focus on recovery.

Arrow Health also offers outpatient services for when a trip to our Woodend facility isn’t the best option. These in-depth outpatient programs work with the patient and their families to develop an atmosphere where a successful recovery is possible. We even offer a service in providing interventions for patients who are have not yet made a decision to seek help.

Speak to a member of Arrow Health today for more info

When it’s clear that a patient of yours needs to seek treatment for their struggles with drink, consider the benefits of our services providing inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab in Melbourne. Treatment and results are our goals at Arrow Health, and we offer compassion and empathy for all involved in the process along the way. Discretion and understanding are also core tenets of our operating philosophy. We invite doctors like yourself to contact us to discuss the needs of your patient as well as potential next steps. Allow us to help you determine the best way forward, and to take the next steps in securing the treatment your patient requires. Call anytime on 1300 295 989.

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