Ice Addiction Treatment Centre

Have you been searching for ice addiction treatment centres in Melbourne? Ice addiction has become a massive problem in Australia. Research provided by the National Drug Strategy Household Survey has shown that approximately 6.3 percent of Australians who are more than 14 years old have tried taking crystal meth.

What is ice?

Ice is a smokable form of amphetamine known as crystal meth. Usually, it’s smoked in light bulbs, glass pipes or heated foil. The “highs” it offers last for a long time, stimulating and enhancing self-confidence. Moreover, it gives feelings of euphoria including a sense of sharpened focus. It is highly addictive.

Ice addiction effects

Ice use may lead to various unpleasant emotional and mental side effects such as anxiety, hallucinations, paranoia as well as triggering other psychotic illnesses. Physical problems that develop due to ice addiction include kidney damage, stroke, lung damage and even death. As a result, it’s important to get help and treatment as soon as possible. Fortunately, meth addiction treatment facilities Melbourne can help you get sober again.

Ice addiction help and treatment

At Arrow Health, we have specific programs designed to offer treatment to individuals who are addicted to ice. We have the professionals who can help you repair the destruction this substance causes and even begin to heal the damage inflicted on your family. We provide long-term recovery processes through our evidence-based practices and quality standards in our addiction treatment. Our treatment approach for rehabilitating people with ice is one of the best you can find in Melbourne.

Our clinicians are experienced in managing Crystal Methamphetamine-dependent individuals. Ongoing professional development coupled with personal experience enables our professionals to deliver personalised, cutting-edge treatment methods our patients can rely on. We always go that extra step to make sure our patients get uniquely tailored solutions. So, if you are battling ice addition and you need ice rehabilitation Victoria, consider contacting us so that we can get started immediately!

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