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If you feel like your actions and behaviour is getting out of control and you find yourself screaming ‘I don’t know what to do!’ then you are in the right place. Our team here at Arrow Health are highly experienced and qualified in providing practical advice, counselling, and all the help you need.

Our experience

At Arrow Health we understand what you are going through because we too have been in your position. We have experienced the fear, guilt, anger, and the confusion that come from this type of suffering. We understand things from your perspective.

Inpatient and Outpatient Programs

You must always remember that everything is treatable and you are able to recover. At Arrow Health we understand that not everyone is able to take time out from the hectic schedule of day-to-day life. Our Outpatient Program is specifically tailored to your personalised needs – no one size fits all.

If you feel like you need a change of scenery or a more intensive program, our Inpatient Program is for you. Located in the Macedon Ranges of Victoria, we provide a safe, supportive and therapeutic retreat. If you think this is right for you – call Arrow Health today for free advice and to discuss your options. We are here to help you get your life back on track.

Our approach

We face things from a holistic standpoint at Arrow Health. Mental, physical and social health are interconnected and need to be approached, analysed and treated as one. This gives you the greatest chance of a successful, long-term recovery.

Education, support and effective help

The backbone of our program is education, structured support, evidence-based programs, strategies for coping and relapse prevention. You may have contacted Arrow Health asking ‘how do I stop?’, and our program will help you stop and stay stopped.

Contact Arrow Health today for free advice and to find out next steps.