Family support and counselling

There is a massive amount of stress, fear, conflict, and sometimes guilt that can infect the family core due to the actions of one member of the family. Some may try to isolate this member of the family, but that isn’t truly effective as everybody in the family is affected. Getting family support is essential to not only their recovery but the whole family’s. That’s why we at Arrow Health offer a range of family counselling and family support options.

Our Family First Step Program is the first of it’s kind in Australia, the fore-runner of the family therapy industry.

We offer:

  • A family-based program, combining theory and practice that gives families understanding, knowledge, and know-how.
  • Our highly experienced and qualified family therapists are focussed on helping your family get through this in the best way possible. Having troubles in the family doesn’t mean your family has to be disconnected and isolated from one another. It doesn’t have to mean withdrawing support.
  • With education, strategies, tools and structured support, the Arrow Health team will teach your family how to support your loved one without being an enabler.
  • Many programs offer advice to families with a loved one who is using, but Arrow Health gives practical advice that can be immediately implemented, advice that will make a difference and your family can actually use.
  • You will learn about coping with stress and strain, family recovery, crisis intervention, breaking through denial, setting boundaries, confronting fears and healthy communication as well as grief, awareness and acceptance.
  • The Family First Step Program is a free service that we offer to those who are worried about a loved one. Our weekly meetings run over 6 consecutive weeks at our Armadale office.
  • We use an evidence-based and holistic approach in our counselling and recovery program because at Arrow Health we know that this is the most effective way to tackle complex issues that affect the social, personal, psychological, emotional and physical aspects of the user. A single-minded approach to treatment simply does not work.

At Arrow Health we have a special understanding of what you and your family are going through, because we have been there before. In fact, it is our own family experiences that motivated us to start Arrow Health. Our personal experiences, combined with medical qualifications and a robust clinical approach, have informed the development of all our programs. Just because your loved one is using, doesn’t mean you can’t have a relationship with them.

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