Drug Rehab

We are the Drug Rehab That Truly Cares

Coming to the decision to enter a drug rehab or convincing an addict to go to one, is a challenging journey. We have first-hand experience of this journey and provide treatment and support for the person with the addiction as well as their family throughout the process, ensuring the best chance at recovery.

Why Trust Arrow Health Regarding Rehab in Australia

Our staff at the rehab can truly relate to and understand what you are going through by either having had first-hand experience with addiction or by helping a family member. This makes all the difference in our approach to treatment, counselling and support.

  • In-patient care. Our in-patient rehab centre is in a residential setting, with 28 rooms in Woodend surrounded by well-manicured gardens. Each patient has 24-hour access to counsellors as well as group therapy and psycho-educational programs. Therapy also includes yoga, swimming, and meditation. We focus more on an abstinence-model than harm minimisation.
  • Evidence-based: Arrow Health’s programs are evidence-based and informed by international best-practise, combining neuroscience and medical expertise. Our programs take a holistic approach to addressing the underlying mental health issues that drive addiction.
  • Experienced: Our programs are developed by medical professionals, clinicians and doctors with over 30 years experience in the Alcohol and Other Drug sectors. And delivered by experienced, qualified staff with a strong background in addiction treatment.

Other Drug Rehab Services we Provide in Melbourne

Other short and long-term support options to benefit the patient and their family include:

  • Detox, Withdrawal and Medical Support: Every person is different, and so is every detox and withdrawal in terms of physical needs, emotions surfacing, and the support required. Every program is approved and monitored by a doctor and tailored to meet the unique needs of every client. As a private accredited detox hospital, your private health insurance can help cover the cost.
  • Outpatient program: Aimed at people experiencing issues with substance abuse who are unable to take much time away from work or family, we offer a personalised ten-day program for out-patients. The 2 week intensive addiction treatment program runs for three hours a day, five days a week and focusses on understanding addiction, dealing with both challenges and successes and fostering the motivation to change.
  • Family Support: We teach you the skills to help you better understand what you are dealing with and provide you with strategies to cope. We have designed our programs with a family-inclusive approach because Arrow Health recognises both the importance of family in the recovery process, and the effects and impacts of addiction on the family.
  • Intervention: The first step to getting help is admitting there is a problem – a tough step for addicts and their family and loved ones trying to help them. We offer an intervention service to help you to support your loved one to engage in an evidence-based treatment program aligned with international best practices.
  • Forensic Services: As a reputable clinic, we are trusted by the courts and work closely with the courts and lawyers if a family member is in jail. Our focus is on getting the best case outcome for our clients whilst supporting family members through the process.

About Arrow Health

Everyone is treated as individuals at Arrow Health, with differing personalities and differing drug rehab needs in Melbourne or Woodend. All programs are personalised according to international best practices with our central motivation around empathy, effective treatment and a strong belief that there is hope and the chance at a happier way of life for everyone entering our programs.

Contact us to discuss treatment, whether for you, a family member or a patient.