Detox & Withdrawal

The journey starts here. 24/7 medical care. Claimable on private health insurance.

The Sam Lawrence Private Hospital is our residential detox facility in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria.

The hospital is staffed by a 24/7 nursing team with mental health and withdrawal expertise and all detox treatment is under the guidance of a doctor. Detox is claimable on private health insurance.

Detox can be a difficult phase of recovery, we ensure clients are as comfortable as possible and provide the highest level of medical care during the detox and early-recovery phase.

We provide:

  • 24/7 nursing support and medical monitoring
  • Private rooms with a double bed and ensuite
  • Individualised care
  • Evidence based, robust program
  • A therapeutic, supportive and drug-free environment
  • Detox program up to 30 days
  • After Care included when you complete your treatment
  • Detox that leads straight into longer term therapeutic community

“Is it like being in hospital?” 

– No. There are no vinyl floors, no gowns or uniforms, it’s quiet and everyone has their own room with a double bed and ensuite.

Does private health insurance cover any of the costs?

Yes. Arrow Health is a private health fund endorsed facility. Private health insurance usually covers up to 30 days of detox. We run our detox within our very own accredited Private Hospital.  The private health insurance excess will vary depending on your level of cover.

Program Features

  • Developed and overseen by doctors
  • Based on current research and extensive experience
  • Individualised detox process worked out in collaboration between the patient and a doctor
  • Case Management with an individual case manager
  • Individual treatment plan focussing on physical, psychological and emotional recovery
  • Qualified, professional and experienced staff
  • Introduction to peer support programs
  • Access to family support program/s
  • Wide range of therapeutic activities. e.g. art, yoga, hiking, music and off site swimming
  • Individualised Recovery Plan: when you leave, you will receive a Continuing Care Plan to guide you in your recovery.

Really not sure what to do or what the best way forward is?

Give us a call now - we are here to help.