Recovery is within your reach.

Do you think you or someone you care about might have a problem with drugs or alcohol?

Not sure if things are bad enough to need rehab?

Counselling is a good place to start. At Arrow Health, our counselling sessions are tailored to individuals and the needs of the moment, whilst also focusing on the addiction and using behaviour.

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Counselling will help you:

  • Work out if it is your substance use that it the problem or something else
  • Begin to understand more about your substance use and addiction
  • Identify triggers
  • Learn strategies for recovery
  • Overcome behaviours that impede the ability to live life to its fullest

Our counsellors

Arrow Health’s counselling service is delivered by highly experienced, qualified professionals – each with over 8 years’ experience in providing counselling for addiction and mental health issues.

Our Clinical Approach is evidence-based, holistic and multi-dimensional and provides education, strategies and structured support to ensure the best possible outcomes, tailored to meet individual needs.
ing behaviour.