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Heroin Addiction Treatment is available at Arrow Health Addiction Rehab.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

If you’re seeking support for someone you care about who has a heroin addiction, we want you to know that it is treatable and that recovery is possible with the right support. Addiction can negatively impact every area of a person’s life, from finances and work and social engagement, to their health and closest relationships,...
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5 Truths About Rehab - To the person in the waiting room | Arrow Health

5 Truths about rehab

The day has come. It’s time for you to check in to Arrow Health’s in-patient program and begin a new chapter of your life. You might be wondering if you’re making the right decision, or trying to convince yourself that you don’t really need to be here. It’s okay. These are common responses when sitting...
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Behaviour Change Programs - do they work? | Arrow Health

Behaviour Change Programs – do they work?

When trying to work out how effective Behaviour Change Programs or Interventions really are and if they actually work, it’s important to understand what behaviour change is. How behaviours can be altered has become an increased and important area for research and action. It merges both sociology and psychology. There are 3 main components of...
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The Dangers of Drink Driving - Behaviour Change Programs | Arrow Health

The Dangers of Drink Driving

Driving is a pretty complicated activity. There are so many things that you need to think about and familiarise yourself with to be able to control a vehicle harmoniously on the road with others. It’s not just about being able to move a steering wheel, you also need to be fully aware of your surroundings....
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What are the long-term effects of ice | Arrow Health - Long-term Ice effects

What are the long-term effects of Ice?

Ice, also known as crystal meth, shard, glass, or puff is a highly addictive and powerful substance affecting the central nervous system. According to the Australian Drug Foundation, 6.3% of Australians aged 14 years and over have used meth/amphetamines one or more times in their life with 1.4% of Australians aged 14 years and over...
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What does ht VicRoads behaviour Change Program involve?

What does the VicRoads Behaviour Change Program involve?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Arrow Health’s VicRoads Behaviour Change Programs and what is involved. Why do I need to complete a VicRoads Behaviour Change Program? If you have committed a drink/drug driving offence you are required to complete a Behaviour Change Program to regain your driver’s licence. You will...
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Get your licence back after drink/drug driving

How to get your licence back after a drink driving offence.

Driving with a Blood or Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC) over the legal limit is a serious offence. Factors such as your age, the type of licence you hold, and what your offence was can impact the degree of penalties you are faced with. After receiving a fine and having your licence cancelled for a determined...
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