Enabling, Blaming, Denial and Minimization

Family members living with alcoholics often find themselves in a tough spot. They feel it is their responsibility to “make” their loved one stop drinking or they downplay how the alcoholic is affecting their lives. Sometimes, they even blame themselves for the alcoholic’s destructive behaviours. Often, when family members fall into these maladjusted thought patterns,...
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What Alcohol Does To Your Body, Brain, Heart, and Muscles

Just one sip of beer, wine, or whisky hangs out in your body for about 2 hours. Once it quickly enters your bloodstream, it touches down on nearly every organ and system in your body. Thanks to its job breaking down toxins, your liver bears the brunt of heavy drinking. But even if you don’t...
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Arrow Health Group therapy

Journal of client’s first day at Arrow Health Day Program

I came to Arrow after trying for about 2 years to get clean from all the drugs I was taking. I had managed to stop using hard/party drugs daily a year or so ago, and had cut it down to benders every few weeks and just using benzo’s on a daily basis to keep me...
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