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Signs of Drug Abuse and Where to Find Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities and Clinics in Melbourne

Addiction to street drugs as well as prescription drugs is a growing problem. There is help for drug addiction, and the first step is recognising that a problem exists. If you think you may have a problem with drug addiction, there are several signs to help you know.

Addiction to Prescription Drugs

If you are addicted to prescription drugs, you’ll notice that you aren’t using the medication in the way your doctor intended. You might take the drug more often than the prescription calls for, or you might take larger doses of the drug. You may also use the drug in a different form than prescribed – for example, by crushing pills. You may see more than one doctor for the same prescription, or you may use prescribed medication issued to someone other than yourself. You might avoid being truthful with your doctor about all the drugs you’re taking. People with prescription drug addictions typically continue taking a particular drug after they no longer need it for a health problem. You may find yourself searching other people’s medicine cabinets for drugs to take, or you may combine the prescription drug with other drugs or with alcohol. Any of these behaviours should be a warning sign to you that you should consider seeking help in the form of a drug rehab facility in Melbourne.

Other Signs of Drug Addiction

You may be addicted to a substance if you find that you have developed a tolerance; that is, needing more and more of it to achieve the same effects. You may experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t take the drug. Depending on the drug, these symptoms may include shaking, depression, nausea, headaches, sweating, appetite loss, or fatigue.

A sure sign that you are dealing with addiction is an inability to stop taking the drug even if you want to. Even though bad things happen to you as a result of your drug use, you continue using. You may find that you spend more and more time thinking about the drug: how good it feels, when you’ll take more, and how to get it. You may find it difficult to set limits for yourself as far as how much of the drug you’ll use or how often you’ll use it. You may hide your drug use from others, or you may steal or borrow money to pay for the drug.

Drug Rehab Clinics in Melbourne

Seeking professional help is essential to recovering from any addiction. Choosing among drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Melbourne can seem difficult, but Arrow Health makes it easy with caring staff members who have personal experience with substance abuse, so they understand what you and your family are enduring. With inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Melbourne, Arrow Health can connect you with the long-term treatment you need for the best chances of recovery. There is hope – contact Arrow Health today.

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