Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers – Melbourne

Finding One of the Leading Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Melbourne

Alcohol dependency is a serious issue. If it’s one that you have struggled with personally, then it will be natural for you to have many questions about the process, about how to improve your situation, and about where you can turn for proper alcohol addiction treatment in Melbourne. How long is a treatment program? Where is the facility? How large is it? What are your methods? The list of pertinent details you may need can get rather long, and you’ll need reliable information that you can trust. Arrow Health operates alcohol addiction treatment centers in Melbourne, and we know how critical and delicate a situation like this can be. That’s why we want to arm any of our potential patients with as much knowledge as possible before making any decisions, and why we’ve prepared a short guide with some cursory information to handle a few of the preliminary questions you may have.

Common Questions About Alcohol Addiction Centers in Melbourne

Where is the facility located? We operate two options regarding where to go. For our comprehensive addiction treatment, our country retreat in Victoria is the recommended choice. Montserrat is a 12-week inpatient program at a 20-bed facility, located on 76 acres of land. The atmosphere is serene, and the environment is one that promotes positive change and self-reflection. Tranquil, beautiful, picturesque views will allow you respite while you begin your journey of recovery. The supportive, drug-free environment grants the opportunity to connect with nature and gain a new perspective on your life. This location permits a broad range of relaxing activities: art, massage, yoga, hiking, music, swimming, cooking, etc. You will gain insight as you engage in these therapeutic pastimes, backed up by 24/7 access to counsellors and support workers, along with a twelve-step program and the supportive network of Alcoholic Anonymous.

Our second center, the Kooyong Road House in Armadale, is a two week, ten-day outpatient program. The goals are to build motivation to change, identify challenges and resources, and to learn to deal with challenges and success. With these focuses in mind, you can start improving your situation and getting things back on course. We’re here to help, and it’s not a process that you need to go through alone. We base our methods on current international best practices and stay at the forefront of what treatment options are most effective and most accommodating for all of our patients.

Why Choose Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Melbourne?

It’s not just about our superb quality of care, though that is a crucial feature of Arrow Health. The advantage gained when choosing one of our alcohol addiction centers in Melbourne is the high level of caring and compassion that we bring to the situation. We understand that this is not always an easy path, and we want to provide a supportive and positive atmosphere that will help you manage and overcome the challenges that you may be facing. Please give us a call on 03 9533 7888 to learn more.

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