Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs Melbourne

How You Can Help with Alcohol Addiction and Where to Find Recovery Programs in Melbourne

When someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, it can be difficult to find ways to help them. People often believe that there’s nothing friends, or family members can do, but this simply isn’t true. There are several things you should (and shouldn’t) do to help an alcoholic, as well as a range of treatment and support options for you and your loved one.

Understand first that you cannot “save” an alcoholic. Alcoholism isn’t rational; you can’t reason with it. It’s important to understand that people who abuse alcohol can be very manipulative, and it can be hard to determine how to respond to a given situation. For example, when someone you love calls you from jail requesting bail money, it may seem that the right course of action is to hand over the funds. However, by doing this, you have paid the price for their drinking. This course of action doesn’t help the alcoholic but rather prevents them from experiencing the consequences of their drinking.

Another way you can help a loved one who is dealing with alcohol addiction in Melbourne is to talk with them about your concerns. Do so in a quiet, private setting and be honest about how you feel. Many alcoholics use denial and will often come up with reasons or excuses why their drinking isn’t a problem. However, when loved ones approach the alcoholic to share some of their own issues, this can help the alcoholic realise that there is a problem and encourage them to look at things in an honest way rather than deny that the problem exists.

You can and should also talk to other friends or family members to be sure they aren’t enabling the alcoholic. Removing the enabling factor makes it harder for the alcoholic to continue drinking problematically. Attend counselling sessions together or a group such as Al-Anon to learn the best ways to help your loved one achieve alcohol addiction recovery in Melbourne. You can also offer to take your loved one to AA or similar programs where they can get some of the support and education they need.

Taking Care of Yourself

Whatever you do, don’t blame yourself. Friends and family members commonly believe that in some way, they are responsible for an alcoholic’s condition. The cause of alcoholism is through a variety of factors, genetics chief among them. Understand that dealing with a loved one who abuses alcohol can be mentally exhausting. Take care of yourself.

Look for Alcohol Addiction Programs in Melbourne

The most important way you can help an alcoholic is by encouraging them to seek professional treatment. Arrow Health provides inpatient and outpatient services for people struggling with alcohol addiction as well as their families and friends. The benefits of long-term treatment are numerous, and the experienced professionals at Arrow Health can provide the counselling and recovery techniques for your family. To learn more, contact us today at 03 9533 7888 or fill out our online contact form. A caring and understanding staff member will speak with you and help you determine the best way to proceed.

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