Aftercare Program

Decrease the risk of relapse. Give yourself the opportunity for sustainable positive change.

“Even though I’d learnt a lot at rehab, I didn’t feel safe going back to the world with no structure or support. The Aftercare Program meant that I didn’t feel so alone and I could keep on top of things, stay aware of my triggers, keep learning. I don’t think I would have stayed clean otherwise.”

What is Aftercare?

Recovery from addiction doesn’t stop when you finish treatment, it’s a lifelong journey. Our Aftercare program provides a way to continue treatment when you have completed an Inpatient Program or Intensive Outpatient Program.

Aftercare focusses on relapse prevention and is designed to be there for as long as it’s needed.

Ongoing support includes weekly meetings, family groups, counselling and UDS (Urine Drug Screen) testing.

Aftercare Options

Arrow Health’s Aftercare programs include:

Continuing Care Program

Structured, recovery-focused environment.


  • Three morning wellness and reflection groups per week
  • A random UDS (drug screen) every week
  • 12 Step group attendance (NA/AA meetings)

People who have completed the Arrow Health Inpatient Program receive 2 weeks of Continuing Care for every 30 days of treatment at no additional cost.

Individual Therapy

Meet one-on-one with a Counsellor or Recovery Coach to address issues and triggers as they arise, build coping skills and continue to learn relapse prevention strategies.

Supported Accommodation

Our Supported Accommodation Program provides a safe and supportive environment with a highly structured timetable. Residents focus on maintaining their recovery as they begin to reconnect with life and loved ones after their time in rehab.

As part of our comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, clients who have completed 90 days at The Bentinck can transition directly into the Supported Accommodation Program


  • Drug and alcohol-free environment
  • Safe and supportive
  • Group therapy, education and relapse prevention
  • Weekly counselling sessions
  • Qualified counsellors and group facilitators
  • 12 step group attendance

Why is Aftercare so important?

Rates of relapse for addiction are 40-60% with the highest risk of relapse occurring in the first 90 days of recovery.

The risk will slowly diminish – so long as you continue implementing the strategies and activities you will have learnt to maintain your recovery.

Aftercare Programs reduce the risk of relapse and give you the best possible opportunity for long-term, sustainable recovery.

If you are planning on entering or leaving a treatment program, plan ahead and have an Aftercare program in place.

What will I get out of it?

  • The best possible chance at long-term recovery
  • Ongoing support
  • Learn how to recognise potential triggers
  • Find out how to prevent relapse
  • Get help identifying high-risk situations
  • Expand on the coping strategies learnt during treatment

The addiction treatment and rehabilitation services at Arrow Health ensure we provide an all-encompassing continuum of care, which means we give you a genuine opportunity for sustainable positive change.

Aftercare Planning

In the lead up to your completion of the 30, 60 or 90-day Arrow Health Inpatient Program, a clinician will work closely with you to develop an Aftercare Plan. This will be tailored to meet your needs and recovery goals and may include:

Relapse prevention strategy

Participation in addiction support / self-help groups

Follow up appointments with a counsellor

Recommendations for continued Urine Drug Screening

Living arrangements


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