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Arrow Health. Quality in Care. Quality of Life.

Bringing people together to save lives.

Arrow Health’s world leading evidence-based programs, combined with medical expertise and neuroscience take a holistic approach to the underlying mental health issues that drive addiction. We focus on individuals and families suffering from the disease of addiction.

Why? We bring people together to save lives. Arrow Health is a family business. Our focus is on individuals and families suffering from the disease of addiction.

What? We offer a range of treatment options for addicts and their families.

How? Our programs are based on the Minnesota Model and Therapeutic Community Model including the disease concept, and abstinence rather than harm minimisation.

Programs are:

  • Developed by doctors and professionals with over 30 years’ experience in the medical and AOD sector
  • Informed by international best-practise
  • Delivered by qualified, experienced staff with a strong track record in addiction treatment

Our values are at the core of who we are and what we do.

Arrow Health provides an all-encompassing addiction recovery program including detox, treatment, rehabilitation and long-term support for addicts and their families. We have helped hundreds of people transform their lives, get healthy and rediscover happiness. We have also been a sounding board for the ABC in relation to regulating the industry.

We offer individualised, family-inclusive treatment programs with a range of options:

Arrow Health supports individuals and families through the journey to recovery. We understand how overwhelming and challenging seeking treatment can be, and work closely with you throughout the process.

Clinical Standard

Clinical Approach & Expertise

Arrow Health is different to other rehabs. Our programs are informed by international best-practise and based on the Minnesota Model and Therapeutic Community Model. Our qualified team has over 30 years’ experience in the medical and AOD sector.

Arrow Health Leaf

Our Story

Arrow Health is a family owned rehabilitation facility that was created to offer those suffering from addiction and their families empathetic and effective help.

Our Sam had a twelve year struggle with addiction which permeated every facet of our family’s life. This was an extremely hard time for us and, despite meeting many extraordinary people along the journey, the resources available to us were deficient.

Our personal struggle and the medical background of several family members made us feel that we were in a unique position to develop a state of the art program for treating addiction. We recognise how tough dealing with addiction can be and wanted to give purpose to our own personal experience and provide hope for those on a similar journey.

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The Team

The Arrow Health team are qualified and have a depth and breadth of experience in addiction treatment. Our team consists of people who are passionate about working with addicts and their families to achieve long-term, positive change and transformation.

Whole Team

Why Choose Arrow Health?



Evidence-based, cutting-edge programs that are aligned with current, international best practise and developed by doctors.

Arrow Health People


Individualised treatment options and dedicated case management to best meet every client’s unique needs.

Arrow Health Holistic


Holistic, multifaceted approach to addiction treatment delivering real results.

Arrow Health Family


Free family support program and a family-inclusive approach that recognises the critical role of family and supports both clients and their families.

Arrow Health Certificate


Staff are qualified, experienced and personally familiar with addiction through first-hand experience or within their family.

Arrow Health heart


Programs and individual treatment plans are overseen by doctors. We also run an onsite, accredited Private Hospital for detox, often claimable on private health insurance.

Arrow Health Flower


Integrated services in one location providing detox & withdrawal in a hospital environment followed by medically supervised long term rehabilitation & treatment.

Arrow Health Heart Hands


Range of programs ensures an all-encompassing continuum of care including Aftercare planning and ongoing support for relapse prevention.



Trusted provider of choice for several public, private and government organisations.

Arrow Health No Eye


Program costs are all-inclusive with a transparent, clear fee structure and refund policy. There are no hidden extras.



Safe, discrete and picturesque residential rehab in a rural setting where clients are made comfortable in a private room with ensuite.

Arrow Health Lightbulb


Adheres to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency’s Code of Conduct for general health service providers in Victoria.

Arrow Health Dove


After living with and losing a loved one to addiction, Arrow Health was developed out of love and our programs are based on hope, not fear.

Real Stories

  • Jim

    Father of Former Client

    Over the past few years, two people in my family were using drugs and their addictions were tearing our family apart. When all seemed lost, we came to Arrow Health for family counselling. Our counsellor’s ability to recognise the effects addiction had placed on both the individuals and the family was unbelievable. Her insight was eye-opening and very comforting. We were guided through rebuilding the family structure that had imploded and was given tools to move forward. We strongly recommend Arrow Health to any family facing the effects of addiction.

  • Fiona

    Former Client

    My parents are very grateful for your Family First Step Program and the counselling they received whilst I was in rehab. It helped immensely in educating them about addiction and arming them with coping strategies to help better support themselves and me throughout my ongoing recovery.

    I recommend Arrow Health to anyone struggling with addiction.

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  • Rodney

    Former Client

    Arrow didn’t care that I was in custody when my wife first approached them. They told us that it didn’t matter how I came to rehab, as long as I got there. And it was the support and structure provided by the Arrow program that directed me onto my path of recovery. Doing the Arrow program taught me a lot about the disease of addiction and everything that comes with it. Arrow introduced me to group therapy and counselling. I have learned to prioritise my recovery every day. I have been able to reconnect with my family and develop new friendship groups with people that are supportive and experiencing the same things as me. I am 6 months clean and most importantly have the tools in place to manage my recovery and finally get my life back on track.

  • Kelly


    I’ve been a client of Arrow Health for 10 months and can say they have changed my life. I have learned the tools to move forward in life and have a real shot at living a clean productive life. I’d like to say a big thank you to all the wonderful staff at Arrow for making my recovery possible. I can’t recommend Arrow Health enough. From the residential rehab at Woodend to the transitional house, the care I have been given is just amazing.

  • Rosa

    Wife of Former Client

    As we made our way up the driveway I was struck by the beauty of the countryside and the lovely building. The bedrooms are cosy and comfortable. It felt like a sanctuary. It was comforting knowing that my husband was in a safe place with experienced staff and I’m happy to say – he’s like a different person now. It’s not always easy, but things are getting better each day.