“I came to Arrow Health because I had to come to the realisation that my approach to recovery just wasn’t working. After years of ‘keeping up appearances’, placing material concerns first, I finally had to accept that what I really needed was a fundamental shift in the way I was living my life. Arrow Health provided me with the support, encouragement and education to show me that a new way of living is indeed possible. The staff are able to facilitate with a rare level of compassion and empathy that is only attained through lived experience. Years of substance abuse had left me lonely and socially disconnected. The recovery community at Arrow Health is the first time I have felt at genuine sense of belonging in a very long time. It’s important to acknowledge that any lasting change is a very personal journey, and the motivation to take that journey must ultimately come from within. There are no miracle cures or quick fixes, but in terms of a training ground to assist in planning for that journey and to learn some of the core skills that are required along the way, I couldn’t have asked for a better place than Arrow Health. I recommend them without reservation.” – Will, former client

“When I came into Arrow I was fragile, broken and felt like I was beat by my addiction. I didn’t have much hope and definitely not many chances left. After my assessment I walked out having hope and felt I had a chance. The connection and love I felt from all the staff from the first day made it easier everyday. I am forever grateful for the love, support and knowledge they have given. 5 weeks in the outpatient program and I feel like a new man. I feel part of the Arrow family so im going to continue my recovery for a further 4 weeks at Montserrat. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!” – Luke

“Over the past few years,  the consequences of two family members’ drug addictions were tearing our family apart. When all seemed lost, we were fortunate enough to become engaged with Diana Dalheimer. The ability Diana had recognizing the effects these addictions had placed on the individuals and the family as a whole was unbelievable and her insight was eye opening and at the same time very comforting. The following stages Diana guided us through rebuilding the family structure that had imploded and married us with tools to move forward. We thank Diana and strongly recommend her to any family faced with the effects of addiction.” – Jim, father of former client

“Coming to the Arrow program has changed my life in so many ways. It has taught me a new better way of living. A life without Alcohol! I now have the tools to deal with what life has in store for me. Arrow has become like my second family, the staff are amazing, and the friends I have made along the way I know will be lifelong. The support shown by everyone helps you feel confident and know that you can do anything! I never did feel judged or uncomfortable. Thank you for giving me my life back.

PS Jason and Sam are AWESOME!” – Kathy

“Really loved every minute I spent at this place. I met some wonderful people who I felt lucky to meet, not only people, but staff were very helpful. Learnt a lot which has given me my life back. I feel like this is the start of a new family.” – Adrian, former client

“As we made our way up the driveway to Montserrat I was struck by the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Perched at the top of the hill, the retreat overlooks a picturesque setting of green paddocks, teeming with wildlife. Further down the valley the Goulburn River can be seen snaking its way through orchards and fertile farming land. The building has high ceilings and striking big windows that make the most of the stunning surrounds. It is a truly inspirational place with cosy and comfortable bedrooms and open planned living areas that combined add to the sanctuary feel of the place. This holistic setting incorporates state-of-the-art facilities with a cosy and comforting atmosphere that is conducive to recovery and self-exploration.” – Rosa, family member

“I am a passionate believer that addiction is treatable and recovery is possible. The process of change is challenging. The safe, drug free and homelike environments within Arrow Health programs provide a supportive environment for a person’s recovery journey to begin.” – Jason Bowman, Arrow Health Program Manager

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