Family and friends are invited and encouraged to access support, to engage, repair and communicate. People come together and help one another.

A families’ ability to offer support and understanding to a client as they move through the program has been shown to increase the long-term success of treatment.

Before your loved one enters treatment for drug and alcohol addiction

Intervention Service

Many people believe that someone caught up in active alcohol or drug addiction or compulsive and destructive behaviours will not seek help until they have hit rock bottom. Waiting for such a crisis can be dangerous in the extreme. By engaging in our intervention service you don’t need to wait until your loved one has lost everything before getting them the help they need. For more information on out intervention services click here.

Family Counselling

There is strong evidence to suggest that family based treatment in conjunction with the mobilisation of a wider support system is the most effective way to address drug dependency. And – it’s not only about the addict. We understand the challenges and provide counselling to support your journey too.

Our qualified and highly experienced family therapists incorporate:

  • education on boundaries
  • communication
  • enabling
  • co-dependency
  • family systems

Ongoing Support Options

For people who have a loved one struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. You do not have to have a loved one in our program. Our ongoing support options vary depending on your own needs. 

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Whilst your loved one is in treatment

“I have found it amazing– and the support and knowledge it has given me is invaluable.”


Once the client is admitted to an Arrow Health treatment program, you will be assigned a qualified, experienced Family Therapist as your contact person.

Family First Step Program: where the family experience recovery for themselves.

The first of its kind in Australia, the Family First Step Program seeks to up-skill and enable families to better understand what they are dealing with and incorporate strategies to cope.

The power of the program comes from education, hearing others stories and knowing you are not alone.

It involves weekly meetings that run for a period of six weeks at our St Kilda office and is offered at no charge for families with a loved one engaged in our intensive inpatient program.

Week Content
1 Introduction and Understanding Addiction:
Is it really a disease? A neuro-science perspective.
2 Science of addiction, coping with stress and strain, family recovery, understanding relapse and crisis intervention.
3 Stages of change, drama triangles, roles, changing outcomes and breaking through denial.
4 Enabling and detachment, setting boundaries, confronting fears and healthy communication.
5 Grief, awareness and acceptance.
6 Ongoing support and mutual aid. Testimonials from recovery champions of AA, NA and Alanon.

Family Counselling

As part of the program, one counselling session is available per family per month. More details are outlined above.

Family Experiences

Our goal is to support you as much as the addict themselves. Once your loved one has completed a program with Arrow Health, we will continue to offer you support as needed. We are here for you.

After completing the Family First Step Program I have:

“Excellent strategies for changing communication styles, de-escalating dramas and looking after myself!”

“A vastly improved knowledge of the disease, the short and long term effects on the brain, the difficulties and challenges (both physical and mental) during recovery and the common-ness and reasons for relapse.”

“A clear understanding of the effects of addiction – both physical and psychological – on family members.”

“A terrific understanding of how family members get caught up – and trapped – into behaviours that in the end are damaging and unhelpful for both the addict and themselves.”

“A wonderful sense of not being alone on the journey, having solid support from both Arrow and other families.”


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With our help, addiction is treatable and recovery is achievable