Alcohol and Drug Addiction is treatable and recovery is possible


Started by doctors, the Arrow Health program is the most comprehensive in Australia.

Arrow Health programs are designed by health professionals with over three decades of experience in the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) sector.

We care about the ongoing well-being of individuals. Our clients and their loved ones are supported to achieve realistic goals and objectives in the short-term and maintain in the long-term.

Our expert team specialise in providing treatment for a variety of substance dependencies including; methamphetamines (ice), alcohol, heroin, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana (cannabis), synthetic drugs, party drugs, prescription drugs, and dual diagnosis conditions.

We understand that overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is not easy.

Arrow Health was founded by the Lawrence family following their experience with a family member who developed a substance abuse problem.

Our Services

Recovery is Within Your Reach
We believe people can change, alcohol and drug addictions can be overcome, stigmas can be overturned and lives can be transformed.

Exclusive country retreat

Our residential retreat provides a 12-week comprehensive inpatient program in country Victoria.

The Bentinck is a 27-bed facility located in the Macedon Ranges. It was built as a luxury guest house in the 1920’s and sits on four acres of landscaped garden providing a serene environment for healing. The property is one hour from Melbourne and allows ease of access to mental and medical health services which complement our overall program.

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With our help, addiction is treatable and recovery is achievable